AUM - Biosync

XAI applications & data science for teams working with a 24/7 commitment

We take care of those who protect us

Our mission is to develop software, application and algorithms to support the deployment and the organization of 24/7 working teams.

Our solutions are based on field experience, leveraging safe, clear and transparent technologies, relying on solid scientific foundations. Our goal is to help you better anticipate unpredictable circumstances when you and your teams are working on all types of shifts.


Coping with irregular time constraints

Managing teams with various types of schedules (night shifts, interrupted sleep, 3x8 shift systems, etc.) without taking into account health and safety issues, the quality of life and the attractiveness of those roles will have a direct impact on the trustworthiness and competitiveness of an organization.

Our solution leverages digital technologies and scientific research to assist our clients in supporting their team’s physical, mental, and social operational performance.


Our solutions

OPTeam : Optimize your human and material resources. As the real digital twin of your operational organization, OPTeam will provide you with very useful simulation features to analyze and mitigate risks according to the data changes you want to observe.

OPSReady, Improve work-life balance and reduce work-related stress and weariness. This smartphone app helps reduce and anticipate unexpected issues related to physical or mental fatigue, improves readiness and eases the mental pressure on your teams.

Data Science programyou collect operational data daily and you know you could improve your operations with reliable data analysis. Our team of experts can put together a detailed audit of your data and its governance and help you move from simple data management to true data intelligence


A team of experts commited to your well being

With multiple experiences as consultants, scientists, digital experts, but also voluntary firefighters, medical doctors, caregivers, reserve forces, our team brings in unique expertise and engagement.  You know you can trust us to understand your business, your challenges, and to work with you to a positively impactful solution.

If you’re as passionnate as we are, don’t hesitate to join our team!