Feet on the ground, always looking up !

AUM-Biosync's team is unique in its combination of : business experience and field expertise, technical know-how and scientific knowledge.

Our team’s includes alumnis from prestigious universities and business schools, university teachers and researchers as well as self-taught experts with many years of field knowledge. What matters is that everyone shares the same ambition as us, the same values, and the same level of investment in all projects.

We don't focus on the packaging, but what's inside the box.

Management Team


Martial Boulesteix

Deputy Executive Officer


Noémie Danjour

Chief Financial Officer


Nicolas Bousquet

Chief Technical Officer


Female staff in 2022

We didn’t even do it on purpose, we just selected the best applicants.


Business hours

Time spent as voluntary in emergency interventions, in public security or medical aid.


Teaching hours

Scientific, medical and managerial teaching in universities and business schools.


Scientific papers

International peer-reviewed journals and communications in international conferences, related to the AUM Biosync project.


Extraordinary people are welcome!

Chronic illnesses, visible or invisible disabilities? AUM offers accommodations, accessibility & encouragements…What counts is your motivation to join !

Opening up capital participation to employees

More than half of our employees have shares in the company

Work-life balance

By setting clear and balanced rules from the start, there is no presenteeism if the results are there!