OPS Ready

Support your teams and their loved ones in their work / life balance.

Take into account their biorythm as well and work and life schedule.

Improve performance by reducing physical and mental weariness related to work-life balance.


OPS Ready is designed to support on-call staff, and any employee working irregular hours..

This mobile application allows your team members to enter their availability and time preferences and assign missions accordingly, in real time, based on the business imperatives.

In addition to traditional information and notifications, OPS Ready provides employees and management with KPIs to anticipate the mission planning, the personal availability physical and mental fatigue.

Director, Ain's Departmental Fire and Rescue Service (SDIS 01)

Customer reviews

“A meaningful project that supports our volunteer firefighters in their commitment, in compliance with European regulations.”
Controller General Hugues Deregnaucourt
Director, Ain's Departmental Fire and Rescue Service (SDIS 01)
"A really useful application !”
Commander Samuel Cessac
Performance evaluation manager, Charente Maritime’s departmental fire and rescue service (SDIS 17)
”An operational application with real added value for management and stakeholders.”
Colonel Christophe Le Gouguec
Head of the structuring projects group, Maine et Loire's Departmental Fire and Rescue Service (SDIS 49)

OPS Ready relies on artificial intelligence to measure and anticipate in resource deployement of changes in physical and mental health of team members, and helps you achieve your objectives in real time, while respecting the your teams' lives and time constraints.

OPS Ready contributes to the improvement of your team's quality of life and performance, and reinforces the attractiveness of difficult jobs.



We ensure a quick and safe implementation to limit any additional workload on your side.

Data cleaning and anonymization

We perform data analysis, data cleaning, adjustment of GDPR records, anonymization of personal data. The whole process can be carried out together with you, or entirely by our team.

Data governance

Support of data governance master planning.


Our AUM Box provides, a secure physical server to allow real-time updates of OPS Ready.


Once the tests are completed, we open the accesses to your teams and provide necessary training


"Run" mode

Once OPS Ready is operational, you take full control over the application. We stay at your disposal upon request.

Q&A - Often asked questions

How will the application work within my organization?

The OPS Ready application uses data from your business system and departmental databases to seamlessly distribute activity-related information. Once you have created an account and downloaded the application from the store, you are connected!

How is the data retrieved?

The data is retrieved from your databases by our physical AUM Box server (rental included in the price of the license) and then retransmitted to the OPS Ready application, all in real time.

How are user accounts managed?

You have full control over the management of your organization's accounts. Create or delete an account in a few clicks via the OPS Ready Back End administration interface (ORBE, which can be consulted from a web browser).                

If necessary, you can contact: support@aum.bio

Is the app supported by all computer systems?

OPS Ready is compatible with most systems. However, some requirements (formats and types of data / security / anonymization / GDPR...) are necessary and will be transmitted to you by our teams. A compatibility audit based on these requirements is carried out before the signature.


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