OPTeam is your organization's digital twin and supports complex systems analysis through its unique algorithm.

Perform as many simulations as you need and stay on top of operational analysis and risk coverage.

OPTeam is also an excellent tool for training, feedback and data-driven business continuity plans building.


Your mission is to ensure the optimal coverage of a territory as quickly as possible with limited and interdependant resources. OPTeam is designed to support fast and reliable decision-making is resource allocation.

Simulate multiple scenarios to optimize your operational coverage of, human and material resources and answer questios such as : is this configuration sustainable? Are there risks of delays, is the workload sustainable, is my team at capacity ?

OPTeam is also designed as a training tool for L&D departments or training centers to introduce the concept of complex systems analysis and associated strategic thinking. OPTeam is an excellent tool for data-driven feedback and for business continuity plans building.

OPTeam will allow you to :

  • Simulate different scenarios through variable adjustement
  • Easily visualize the impact of each possible modification
  • Optimize and allocate your resources to limit risks
  • Maintain and transmit a complete and systemic vision of your teams and interventions

OPTeam does not require any onsite installation. As it is cloud-based, all you need is an internet access to connect easily and sagely from your web browser. The application relies on the computational power of our own servers and does not require any upgrade or renewal of your computer equipment: You avoid managing legacy systems, additional expenses, and potential security breaches.




Our integration process is carried out by us in commando mode in order to reduce the workload of your services and answer you as quickly as possible.
It can also be carried out with your teams with whom we take the time to exchange at your pace for more confidence and control.

Blitz diagnosis

Our team checks the presence of technical and human requirements and performs an initial compatibility audit to advise you on the integration process that will best suit you.

Data cleaning and anonymization

Data analysis, data cleaning, adjustment of GDPR records, anonymization of personal data. The whole process can be carried out together with your services, or entirely by our team.

Data governance

Creation or update of your data governance master plan.


Our team sets up our AUM Box, a secure physical server that allows real-time updates of OPTeam.

Opening access and training

Once the tests are completed, we open the accesses to your teams and train you on the tool.


"Run" mode

OPTeam is now operational. You take full control over the application, and our teams remain available to intervene only at your request.

Q&A - Frequently asked questions


How does OPTeam get installed ?

OPTeam is a cloud-based application. We do not install anything on your system. You have all the computing power of our servers, and benefit from any software or hardware upgrade we do during the duration of the license : All you need is an internet access and a web browser, your administrator provides you with a connection link  login and password, and off you go!

How is data retrieved ?

You provide the data using the specifications given to you by AUM Biosync. We will support you throughout the process.

How are user accounts managed ?

You have complete control over your own account. Create or delete access in just a few clicks via the administration interface.
If you need any help, please contact: support@aum.bio

What simulations can be done ?

You can test multiple changes such as the addition or removal of staff, vehicles or even changes in another affiliated organizations (other emergency centers, hospitals, stores, logistics platforms) in a designated geographical area

You can visualize the impacts of those modifications in your organization's digital twin and compare them if necessary.



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