Meet your needs

Our solutions help you manage all types of configuration, including 24/7 shifts.

We manage the software implementation and configuration, as well as the user training, including data analysis.

Our solutions are constantly evolving… Our product roadmap takes into account your requests and needs to ensure long-term client satisfaction.

OPTeam - Better manage and allocate your resources

Manage on-call staff and rotating schedules,find the most suitable, optimal organization at any moment in time with OPTeam.

OPSReady - Optimize work-life balance

Use our OPSReady app to follow in real-time your workforce availability, and build the optimal organization to respect work /  life balance.

Data analysis, audit, advice and guidance

Which operational data is efficiently collected and usefully exploited? Do you look at the amount of statistics around emergency calls, traffic accidents, injuries while on duty call...?

Entrust us the analysis of your data and transform it into real intelligence.

Our credentials

We are present in many industries such as emergency care, security, transport, healthcare, public sector, universities, logistics, manufacturing in France and internationally.
All our credentials do not appear on our website for confidentiality reasons.

Our commitments

100% organically built

Our software and algorithms are built by our own teams in our Burgundy and Lyon offices in France, EU.

100% trustworthy AI

Our AI are built in a transparent, and ethical way. Our data-scientists are available to give you any necessary details to explain how we leverage this technology.

100% eco-design

Our sustainability-by-design approach ensures that our application uses the least amount of power to run. It reduces energy costs and improves user experience.

100% agile

All of our developers perform a sprint once every other week, some even do ultra-trails…

100% open

We develop our products under OpenStack / Linux, and avoid using GAFA technologies.