The origin of our project : making algorithms really useful

Useful and Mastered Algorithms to optimize Biological Synchronization.

By making accessible to everyone skills that usually require a high level of scientific and technical expertise, we make life easier for those for whom the constraints of atypical schedules are unavoidable and painful.

An exhausting work schedule will always be exhausting…

It all started from a really simple observation: having a good work-life balance while working night shifts or rotating shifts is not easy. 

Living an offbeat life or having to be available in the middle of the night can have a repulsive effect in certain lines of businesses and hinder their attractiveness.

Combining health, safety and attractiveness become major organizational and management issues.

That's where we want to help.

Improving performance in the long term

  • Save human, material and financial resources
  • Facilitate and make recruitment more reliable
  • Facilitate work-life balance
  • Managing performance and resource availability
  • Supporting professional equality
  • Preventing risks, illness and accidents in the short and long term

The alliance of innovation and tradition

As practitioners , we are very much aware that years of experience on the field will never be replaced by algorithms.

While a significant part of our project relies on technical innovation, our vision is to build solutions to help people, not replace them.  "Extend your arm without replacing your brain"

Our fundamental values


Our project focuses on supporting people, which is why respect is a key component of our values. Digital (cyber security and data protection) and physical safety are integrated by design in our product. We focus on clarity, loyalty, and transparency in our relationships with our clients and partners.


We want to ensure the longevity of our project, which leads us to focus on sustainable growth, trust and transparency within our teams, reliance on scientific experience and ethical choices. We are in for the long run.

Safe and reliable

Data safety and privacy is at the core of our technical infrastructure, which is why our application is organically built internally by our team of experts. When necessary, we choose to work with open source technology. We also commit to host our data in France, within the legal framework of the European Union. We only fall back on solutions that are developed outside of the EU if we do not have a choice, provided they are fully GDPR-compliant.


Ethics, Longevity and Safety are our primary values, which we sustain through sustainable business growth and a strong ambition as we are convinced our products can support business in managing their people with those same values we are committed to.