Make time management easy

As a manager, you carry heavy responsibilities such as the synchronization of multiple teams, the management of customer requests, sizing up your human and technical resources to face demand, while trying to keep jobs attractive and maintain a healthy work / life balance. 

Our practical experience and scientific knowledge led us to bring an answer to those challenges in an easy, accessible way. We are looking forward to helping you face the multiple issues coming from shift work and irregular working hours. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!
Ensure business continuity through higher resilience
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Ensure business continuity through higher resilience

  • How to mobilize your workforce in real time without damaging their quality of life ?
  • How to ensure business continuity in case of unscheduled absences ?
  • How to better train your workforce and managers and receive data-driven feedback ?
  • How to prevent accidents and professional exhaustion ?

Mitigate risks of exhaustion and mental load.

  • Develop employer branding and increase employee retention while taking care of your employees’s work/life balance.
  • Share workload taking in count unavoidable constraints.
  • Improve your performance while safeguarding health & safety of your collaborators.
  • Improve Diversity, Equity and Inclusion through better mental health support.
  • Ensure compliance to all appicable regulations (EU Working Time Directive, GDPR)

Enhance your operational capacity

  • Improve resource management and anticipate unexpected challenges (sick days, last minute issues…)
  • Dynamically analyze and mitigate risks in your geographical area of responsibility and optimize resource allocation.

Manage complex and irregular working-hours

  • Be sure to cover all types of variables, including seasonal, weekly, hourly changes
  • Manage HR and material resources effortlessly
  • Anticipate your teams’ schedules and working hours while considering their availability and capacities.
  • Take into account the incidence your work has on your personal life, your colleagues, your exhaustion…



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